Big moves are in motion to turn Pangolin into a never-seen-before, next-generation DEX, all in Q1 2022. Here are 4 bold and ambitious ways we’re pushing the DeFi space. Let’s go.

1. Cross-Chain Swaps & Farming. Yes, really.

No, we’re not leaving Avalanche. But we are expanding Pangolin's influence.

The future belongs to the multi-chain world and…

Here is what is coming up next on Pangolin’s Roadmap

Exchange Listings

We have an exciting schedule of CEX (Centralized Exchange) listings coming up for the PNG token in November and December of this year. PNG is already trading on and BitMart, and we have many more listings to come.


It’s a new year so time for some housecleaning!

This post covers Pangolin’s approach to adjust multipliers on farms from top to bottom with the goal of making Pangolin Farms both attractive to farmers and helpful for high-volume trading pairs.

While it is standard practice for Pangolin to optimize farm multipliers every one-two weeks, it has been a while…

Pangolin now makes it simple and secure for DAOs to manage their treasury funds.

Everyday users might not know how big of a deal this Pangolin integration is, so we will explain the Gnosis use case in more detail.

What is Gnosis and who uses it?

Gnosis Safe is most widely used by DAOs who have a…

Staking rewards process

Pangolin is excited to announce a critical, new Staking feature going live later today, December 6th. This change will replace the current staking implementation from the original Avalanche Rush program (stake PNG to earn WAVAX) with Pangolin’s own Staking implementation. …

Pangolin Exchange

A community-driven decentralized exchange for Avalanche

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