A New Chapter: Consolidation and Unity

Pangolin Exchange
2 min readAug 31, 2023

In our pursuit of greater clarity, cohesion, and accessibility, we are consolidating our Twitter presence into a single account. Going forward, all official communications, updates, and engagements will be channelled through our main Twitter account: https://twitter.com/pangolindex.

This strategic move will allow us to:

  1. Foster Unity: By consolidating our Twitter presence, we aim to break down barriers and bring together our diverse community members who are spread across various networks.
  2. Streamline Communication: Having a single Twitter account will simplify our communication process, making it easier for our supporters to stay updated on the latest developments without having to manage multiple accounts.
  3. Amplify Engagement: With a centralized account, we can more effectively engage with our entire community, ensuring that no one misses out on important announcements or opportunities.
  4. Enhance Consistency: A single account ensures that our messaging remains consistent across all platforms, reducing the risk of confusion or misinformation.

Transition Process
While we consolidate our Twitter presence, it's important to note that our existing accounts will remain active:


However, these accounts will no longer be the primary source of official communications. Instead, they will direct users to our main Twitter account, https://twitter.com/pangolindex, where all the latest updates will be shared.

Join Us on Our Unified Journey
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every member of our community for their unwavering support and enthusiasm. This consolidation marks a significant step toward a more inclusive and cohesive future for Pangolin.

Stay tuned for exciting updates, insightful content, and meaningful interactions—all from our new unified Twitter account, https://twitter.com/pangolindex.

Thank you for being a part of the Pangolin family.



Pangolin Exchange

Pangolin is a multichain decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche, Songbird, Flare, and Hedera Networks.