Introducing: Avaxtars x Pangolin Super Farm

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3 min readFeb 18, 2022


Earn double rewards in $PNG and $ENXT with our newest GameFi partnership

Earn double rewards in the AVXT-AVAX LP Super Farm

New Avaxtars Super Farm

We’ve teamed up with the masterminds behind Avaxtars to help you boost rewards and increase your bags in the Avaxtars ecosystem.

Avaxtars Gaming Partnership

Avaxtars is a browser-based Sci-Fi game on Avalanche utilizing NFTs and Play To Earn tokenomics. The team has been delivering new mechanics, earnings, and game strategies since March 2021. Pangolin users have shown increasing interest in the project, reaching over $1M in daily trading volume on Jan 16th!

“As being the first GameFi project on Avalanche we are happy to cooperate with Pangolin, Avalanche’s first DeX platform. This partnership is significantly more relevant in light of the Pangolin’s first anniversary. We are pleased to see both projects making progress in such a short period of time. I have no doubt that Avaxtars and Pangolin will collaborate significantly more on Avalanche, which establishes the future norms for the blockchain ecosystem.” -Ahmet Usta, Avaxtars Project Lead

You can now farm AVXT-AVAX LPs and earn double rewards in $PNG and $ENXT. $ENXT gives you access to exclusive in-game quests and PvP matches. Avaxtars provided 900,000.00 $ENXT to support the Pangolin Super Farm and ensure deep liquidity for their token.

GameFi’s Future is Cross-Chain

With an extremely bullish 2022 roadmap and the launch of Phase 3, the Avaxtars team has an exciting year ahead of them.

2022 Roadmap:

  • Metaverse slot allowing cross-chain partner NFTs to increase success rate
  • New in-game devices
  • PvP mechanics and battle pass system
  • Guild system
  • 3D visual improvements
  • 2nd & 3rd chain integrations
  • Introduction of the Blockchain Wars

Join this rapidly growing adventure and become a part of the first Blockchain Wars in a real multiverse experience!

Comment below with your thoughts and questions on the Pangolin and Avaxtars Super Farm. And don’t forget to share this post and join Discord and Telegram to be a part of the future of Pangolin.

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