Pangolin and HurricaneSwap announce a formal partnership

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2 min readOct 14, 2021

Pangolin is happy to announce a formal partnership with HurricaneSwap, a cross-chain liquidity DEX on Avalanche. HurricaneSwap is a proprietary cross-chain liquidity DEX (decentralized exchange) built on Avalanche. The primary goal of HurricaneSwap is to provide users with a better transaction experience on Avalanche. With the innovative LP-bridge mechanism (Roke Protocol), HurricaneSwap provides users with a high-performance and low-fees cross-chain transaction experience.

Pangolin will support the liquidity of the HurricaneToken (HCT) with a farm of the AVAX-HCT pair. HurricaneSwap had its IDO of the HCT token through Avalaunch, a launchpad partner of Pangolin. Our teams are also exploring allowing single sided staking of both PNG and HCT in our respective platforms.

HurricaneSwap is excited to partner with Pangolin, according to Symington Smith, the founder of HurricaneSwap:

“Pangolin combines multiple advantages in trading experience, especially deep liquidity and smooth onboarding. It’s an essential infrastructure in Avalanche ecosystem.” While as a cross-chain DEX, HurricaneSwap could efficiently bring more valuable assets from other chains and ecosystems to Avalanche. This will further enrich the assets variety and stimulate trading demands on Pangolin.

About HurricaneSwap

HurricaneSwap is the 1st cross-chain liquidity DEX based on Avalanche. With the innovative LP-Bridge mechanism (Roke Protocol), users can trade popular assets of other chains without leaving Avalanche. Taking advantage of Avalanche, HurricaneSwap provides users with a high-performance, low slippage, low cost, and seamless cross-chain trading experience.

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