Pangolin and Snowball are forming a partnership

Pangolin is happy to announce a formal partnership with Snowball. Snowball is a leading DeFi platform on Avalanche offering auto-compounding, stable-coin swaps, staking, governance, NFTs, and more. Snowball is one of the original DeFi projects on Avalanche and has been supporting Pangolin since its inception. Snowball is also the second project on Avalanche to implement on-chain governance voting after Pangolin.

Pangolin is particularly appreciative of Snowball’s StableVault project that allows users to swap stable-coins with low slippage, as well as Snowball’s willingness to be the first auto-compounder to support the new AB token pools. With a formal partnership, Pangolin hopes to align closely with the Snowball project to build a quality DeFi ecosystem for all Avalanche users.

The Snowball community launched with the dream of bringing the full potential of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) to the Avalanche Network. We knew this would only be possible with Pangolin as one of the cornerstones. Together we are laying the foundation for a better financial system that empowers the community through decentralized governance systems and some of the best talent in the world. — Abominable Sasquatch, Snowball Founder

Snowball’s compounding strategies are built on top of Pangolin. Because of this, our team has maintained a close relationship with the Pangolin team from the start. It has allowed us to adapt to new feature changes and updates faster than our competitors. — 8-bit-giraffe, Snowball Founder

— 8-bit-giraffe, Snowball Founder

About Snowball

Snowball is an auto-compounder for liquidity rewards and an automated market maker (AMM) for stablecoins. It was the first auto-compounder launched on Avalanche and it prides itself on being entirely community run. If you’d like to be a part of Snowball, join the conversation in Discord or Telegram. Stay up to date on our Twitter.

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About Pangolin Exchange

Pangolin Exchange is a community-driven decentralized exchange (DEX) with fast-settlement, low fees, and a democratic process. Built on the Avalanche Network. Pangolin brings you the best trading opportunities to find and maximize your yield.

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