Pangolin Integrates the Velox Trading Bot

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2 min readAug 9, 2021

The Pangolin team is happy to announce a partnership with the Velox Algorithmic Trading Bot on Avalanche! Offering instantaneous and non-custodial execution of limit orders across multiple networks, Velox now serves Pangolin exchange traders from a newly designed user interface. Working with Pangolin has been a priority expansion for the Velox team due its leading presence on one of DeFi’s premiere blockchain networks.

With this partnership, traders can issue multiple limit orders across any token pair in base pricing of either USD or WAVAX. Beginning with limit orders, Velox will shortly begin to offer %-change execution parameters which opens DeFi traders to user-friendly stop-loss and take-profit orders. In conjunction with the expanding user features, Velox will be providing enterprise-grade API’s for the direct integration of Velox’s execution mechanism within various protocol in the coming months.

Velox, and the Rome Blockchain Labs team at large, is excited to continue such a promising relationship with Pangolin’s team and community. DeFi offerings within the Avalanche ecosystem are growing at an incredible rate and our combined initiatives will unwaveringly accelerate that evolution.

— JD Gagnon, Co-Founder

About Velox

Velox is an enterprise grade algorithmic trading bot operational on the Avalanche and Ethereum networks. Developed by Rome Blockchain Labs, Velox allows users to issue strategies on any token pair in a way which manages block-ordering, slippage, and price impact . Velox is one of the multitude of offerings from Rome Blockchain Labs which aims at revolutionizing the future of decentralized finance.

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About Pangolin Exchange

Pangolin Exchange is a community-driven decentralized exchange (DEX) with fast-settlement, low fees, and a democratic process. Built on the Avalanche Network. Pangolin brings you the best trading opportunities to find and maximize your yield.

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