Pangolin Introduces ‘Super Farms’ — The New Yield Farming Model Changing DeFi

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3 min readJan 19, 2022
Pangolin DEX on Avalanche

Pangolin is leveling up the yield farming game within the Avalanche DeFi ecosystem and reDeFining the DEXperience in 2022!

Today Pangolin is officially launching a new product, Super Farms, the ultimate liquidity bootstrapping program.

Pangolin has long been the home of DeFi on Avalanche for many. Avalanche continues to boom with new developers and opportunities for strategic investors. As more and more projects enter the space, Pangolin has begun to notice an overwhelming demand for liquidity mining incentives.

To attract liquidity, we’ve designed a new version of yield farming that enables you to earn $PNG and other project tokens simultaneously.

How many tokens, you ask? We designed the Pangolin Super Farm program to accommodate incentivizing farms with a wide range of reward tokens. So keep an eye out for some Pangolin Super Farms paying out 2, maybe 4, or even 10 different reward tokens at the same time! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The total amount of partner project tokens flowing into the Pangolin ecosystem will be multiplying over the next weeks and months! Partners are stepping up to the plate to jointly incentivize Pangolin’s TVL and volume. In exchange, they receive exposure to Pangolin’s incredible community and the support of Pangolin with co-marketing and business development teams.

The biggest winner in all of this is YOU, Pangolin users! As a community project, this means new and existing Pangolin users have never before had more opportunities to earn a share of growing protocols from the Avalanche DeFi ecosystem.

“Super farms are going to explode TVL and volume by compounding the ecosystem’s incentive program with the full strength of all of Pangolin’s partners.” -Stephen, Pangolin Head of Strategy

Getting started is easy, as there isn’t anything different that users will need to do to enter a Super Farm. Farm like you’ve always farmed on Pangolin!

Bok Bok!

We’re launching our first-ever Super Farms partner project with the ChiknNFT project.

Begin operation PangoChikn partnership! Chikn is offering a full month $FEED-$AVAX LP Super Farm for $PNG-$FEED double rewards!

Between today at 4pm EST until February 22, you can earn big. Get started:

  • Pool your $FEED & $AVAX on Pangolin here, and receive your LP tokens
  • (Token Pair Address: 0xe8579e213E85d52f6559CB0070eA6c912718b4f4)
  • Stake your LP tokens here
  • Harvest your $FEED & $PNG rewards at any time!

We’re also celebrating the launch of Pangolin’s innaugural Super Farm by hosting an AMA, today!

We’ll be talking with Cluck Norris (Co-founder), Shauna Burbary (Chief Marketing Officer), and team from the Chikn project team Wednesday, January 19th at 4pm EST on Pangolin Twitter Spaces.

Use this link to listen live!

Pangolin also has 6 additional partner projects from DeFi & GameFi all launching their own Super Farms today!

This includes:

We’re just gettting started

Get farming all these super rewards and keep an eye on Pangolin’s announcements. Next week we will be introducing the second wave of Super Farm partners!



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