Pangolin Partners with Dragon Crypto Gaming on Super Farms

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3 min readJan 26, 2022


Last week we announced and launched our new Super Farm initiative to bootstrap deep liquidity for protocols on Pangolin via rewards in multiple tokens, typically from the project themselves.

Dragon Crypto Gaming Partnership

One of our first partners on this initiative is Dragon Crypto Gaming! They’ve had a great token launch with $DCAU and Pangolin users have shown a lot of interest in the project, reaching $1M in daily trading volume on Jan 17th!

Dragon Crypto Gaming provided 1,000 $DCAU, a value of $90,000 USD to support the Pangolin Super Farm and ensure deep liquidity for their token.

DCAU aims to be a leading blockchain gaming company. They’re growing through rewarding our users with yield farms and creating unique blockchain games.

They have two main projects in ongoing development and you guessed it, they’re focused on Dragons!

Aurum Draconis is poised to take major advantage of the GameFi developments in 2022

Aurum Draconis is an NFT based play to earn Role Playing Game set in an ever expanding fantasy metaverse — currently in Alpha testing.

There are thousands of different pieces of equipment, from common to extremely rare artefacts. Find them in the market or by fighting in the plains.

Every piece of equipment and player character is a unique NFT on the blockchain.

Create your perfect set to conquer all who dare cross your path.

Aurum just launched their mining and forging in the Alpha:

Mining: Once you find a pickaxe from battling across the world, you can equip it and search the mines for ores to turn into more valuable materials and equipment!

Forging: Once you’ve mined some ore, you can take that over to The Forge and turn those raw ores into equipment or more valuable rewards by combining the materials.

Because this is all built on-chain, you can either sell or utilize all of these materials as you are the true owner of each asset! Is a set of 1,000 unique NFTs, games, and activities built on the Avalanche C-chain.

These little dragons are adorable with great detail and already have an Arena game live! You can match your dragons up against competitors for a chance to win $DCAU and partner project tokens.

We’re very excited to see what $DCAU does in 2022. Look out for more updates from them soon!

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