Pangolin teams up with OpenOcean to offer optimal trading opportunities

Pangolin is excited to announce a formal partnership OpenOcean, a DeFi and CeFi aggregator. OpenOcean’s platform allows users to take advantage of the best price with low slippage when swapping different assets on the OpenOcean platform, and provides access to liquidity on Avalanche DEXs. Through this partnership, Pangolin’s liquidity will be a leading option in OpenOcean’s DEX aggregator product, which routes swaps through Pangolin and other DEXs searching for the most optimal path.

There are several events lined up to promote OOE liquidity and awareness of the OpenOcean platform:

  1. OOE/USDT.e pool with dual PNG and OOE rewards on OpenOcean
    Deposits & Rewards start: 9/13 11am ET
  2. Staking program: Stake PNG to earn OOE on Pangolin
    Deposits start: 9/13 11am ET
    Rewards start: 9/13 11pm ET (12 hours after deposits)
  3. Staking program: Stake OOE to earn PNG on OpenOcean
    Deposits & Rewards start: 9/13 11am ET
  4. AMA with OpenOcean in the Pangolin Telegram: 9/13 8pm ET
  5. OOE/AVAX pool with PNG rewards on Pangolin
    Deposits start: 9/13 12pm ET
    Rewards start: 9/14 9am ET
  6. Trading competition on OpenOcean: 9/14 10am ET

“Our community pushed hard for us to aggregate Avalanche and we sailed fast into this new ocean territory. Luckily, we sailed into warm and welcoming water with amazing support from Avalanche team and Pangolin. We teamed up with Pangolin — one of the leading DEXes on Avalanche — to get our communities engaged, source deep liquidity across many trading pairs, and bootstrap liquidity for OpenOcean’s governance and utility token OOE. We have come together with exciting new initiatives for both communities such as liquidity mining and staking” — Cindy, Co-Founder

About OpenOcean

OpenOcean is the world’s first DeFi & CeFi full aggregator. OpenOcean’s intelligent routing algorithm finds the best price and lowest slippage for traders across centralized and decentralized exchanges with no additional fees. As a one-stop entrance, we aggregate major exchanges DEXes across 9 public chains, Ethereum, Ethereum Layer 2 (Loopring), Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, OKExChain, Solana, Polygon, HECO, Ontology, TRON, and CEX on Binance. OpenOcean will continue to support cross-chain swaps via bridges and cross-chain protocols, and more cross-chain protocols and aggregate more DeFi & CeFi products such as derivatives, lending & Insurance products.

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About Pangolin Exchange

Pangolin Exchange is a top decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche Network that provides the best DEX experience through deep liquidity, easy swaps, advanced tooling, and smooth onboarding. Pangolin brings you the best trading opportunities to find and maximize your yield.

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A community-driven decentralized exchange for Avalanche

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Pangolin Exchange

Pangolin Exchange

A community-driven decentralized exchange for Avalanche

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