PSB Governance: Voting only with single-sided staked PSB NFTs

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2 min readNov 15, 2022

Changing Snapshot Voting to only single-sided SAR NFTs

We’re excited to announce Pangolin has deployed Songbird network on Snapshot. This allows any project on Songbird network to implement community governance via Snapshot proposals and votes.

How to Vote

Currently, you are able to vote on Pangolin Songbird proposals with PSB tokens that are:

  • Held in your wallet
  • Single-sided staked in a Sunshine and Rainbows (‘SAR’) NFT
  • Delegated via the PSB token contract

PSB tokens in liquidity pools or farms do not count toward your voting power.

1 PSB held = 1 vote

1 PSB staked in single-sided NFT = 1 vote
*Unclaimed rewards do not go towards your voting power*

1 PSB delegated to your wallet via contract = 1 vote

A snapshot is taken once voting starts, and only the PSB in your wallet, staked in a single-sided SAR NFT, or delegated to your wallet, will go toward your voting power. There is no gas fee to vote.

If you encounter issues connecting with Bifrost, go to “settings,” click “WALLETCONNECT” and use the QR code scanner to connect

  • Choose your decision and sign to confirm your vote

PROPOSAL: Voting only with single-sided staked PSB NFTs

Currently, voting is allowed by unstaked PSB, single-sided staked PSB in SAR NFTs, and delegated PSB via the PSB contract.

To encourage community members to utilize SAR staking, we propose a governance switch to only allow single-sided staked PSB in SAR NFTs to vote.

This would mean 1 PSB staked in single-sided SAR NFTs = 1 vote. Your voting power would include the number of PSB staked across all your single-sided staked NFTs.

If approved, the changes will be implemented for following governance proposals.

Vote start:

Wednesday, Nov 16 (see Snapshot proposal for the exact hour)

Vote Here

Vote end:

Friday, Nov 19 (see Snapshot proposal for the exact hour)

Healthy Governance on Songbird

This proposal offers a healthier voting strategy for Songbird. We believe that governing power should be in the hands of our most loyal community members. This is in line with our goal of building with our most active users in mind.

If you have questions, reach out on Discord to chat with the team and community members.



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