Subgraph Issues on Pangolin Explained

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2 min readAug 9, 2022

UI issues on Pool & Farm Page

What happened?

A week and a half ago, while adding a new farm to Pangolin we encountered UI issues on our Pool & Farm page.

The addition of this new farm found an edge case in the farms' subgraph. This entirely broke the subgraph’s functionality.

We use this subgraph to quickly pull farm information into our UI. With our current issues, farm load times are slower since we had to implement a less efficient hotfix for loading farms in the interim.

This only affects the UI. The underlying contracts are all operating without issues.

How are we fixing the problem?

We deployed an initial fix and began reindexing the graph last week. A further fix was applied Sunday, August 7th which is indexing now. We expect load times to be back to normal at the end of the week.

This is a temporary fix for our issues with the graph.

The functionality of our pools & farm pages are extremely important to DEX operations, and we are dedicated to a long term solution. Over the coming months, we will write our own indexing solution to replace the graph.

We’ve hired a data scientist to help us build our data pipelines. This will help us on Avalanche and will be critical as we go to other chains that don’t utilize EVM or have native indexing support.

Technical solutions in DeFi can be very complex and under-documented. We appreciate everyone’s patience while we build solutions to make Pangolin a premier DEX built for the next decade of DeFi.



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